Last Friday April 26thSouth African students were briefed at the Dutch Embassy in Pretoria (SA). Our partner at Nuffic/NESO Mr. Mervin Bakker gave a presentation to manage expectations. What to expect in terms of cultural differences, the climate, the way of living etc. Students came from different cities in South Africa making it a valuable experience in itself as they are not much used to traveling (by plane) just to have a meeting. See their first impressions in this short vlog and a group picture.

The students will arrive at Schiphol on May 1stwhere they will be received by Pepijn van Willigenburg. They will organize their housing and get settled in, with thanks to Ms. Claudia Fernandes for making the arrangements. The next day our Dean of Faculty Nellie van de Griend will welcome them for coffee in her office. After this social moment, the students will travel to Delft to start with their assignments and meet their mentors e.g. Mr. Diego Zuidervliet from Atag and of course our own Mr. Johan Woudstra. 

This period of two months 5 students are joining us at THUAS, end of June 6 more students will follow for also a period of two months. After that each period of two months 2 students will participate in the exchange. If you have questions about the assignments, the activities of the students and so on, please contact Johan or Pepijn or ask for the manual. 

On the 26thof June (provisional date) a mini DC-symposium will be organized in co-operation with Stichting Gelijkspanning Nederland, feel free to join in.